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Life Insurance | Leave your family assurance of love and security. The emotional tragedy of losing a husband, a wife, a father or a mother is difficult enough. Unfortunately, that trauma is often accompanied by a loss of income in the form of salary, Social Security benefits or both. And all too often that sudden drop in income means that your survivors are forced to alter their lifestyle just to make ends meet. If you were gone from your family, how much income would be needed by your dependents to maintain their lifestyle? By the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in a 2 income family, the following are typical income needs to maintain the family lifestyle:

  • 70% of the spouse’s income
  • The home to be paid in full, or rent fund established.
  • A college fund provided for dependent children.


  • For a spouse, it may mean a return to the workforce;
  • For a dependent child, it may mean deferring a college education;
  • For a retiree, who could lose more than one-third of his or her household income, it may mean the forced sale of a residence or the need to seek financial assistance.
Life Insurance Benefits

DE Wilmington Life-Insurance-Agency Life-Insurance Teoli-&-AssociatesLife Insurance Benefits

Teoli and Associates partners with to provide clients with their families’ basic and future needs. Retirement savings, life cover and college fees are some of these future needs. This firm’s life insurance term covers outstanding debts, monthly bills, funeral expenses and future financial needs. Contrary to popular opinion, this life insurance package is surprisingly affordable. For instance, term insurance for 30-year-old clients costs only $ 12 per month. This figure is much less than the cost of a day’s lunch. Teoli and Associates also have 100 different packages. The multiplicity of these packages enables clients to settle on an insurance product which best fits their budget. The recommended amount is eight to ten times your annual salary.


Annuities Wilmington DE


Anyone living in Wilmington, DE and intending to purchase annuity should consider Teoli and Associates’ competitive life insurance term. The company has life insurance fixed annuities in the form of CD-like investments. Like CDs issued by insurance firms, Teoli and Associates’ CDs pay guaranteed interest rates which are higher than bank CDs. Clients also have the privilege of choosing between deferred and immediate annuities. A deferred annuity allows clients to buy an annuity in advance of retirement. This package is the most suitable for those planning ahead for retirement, since it also enables clients to withdraw or receive payment from their annuity, during retirement. There are other forms of annuities which the company provides. There is the Multi-Year Guaranteed or Declared Rate Annuity (MYGA). While fixed annuity provides clients with a chosen and guaranteed interest rate for a specific period, MYGA serves its subscribers with a minimum 12-month guaranteed interest rate and multiple year rate options. MYGA is most favorable to those who are privy to their annual earnings from their fixed annuity. Immediate fixed annuities allow subscribers to begin receiving their income payments immediately. This package is most suitable for retiring clients interested in a consistent and reliable stream of income for a specific number of years, or throughout their lifetime. Fixed indexed annuity (FIA) enables customers to store their money so that it can grow at guaranteed fixed interest rates, or rates potentially higher and calculated on a part of the performance of an external index.

Variable Life

Life Insurance Quotes

Variable Life Insurance Opportunities

Teoli and Associates also have a life insurance variable which integrates the policy’s accumulation value to the protection of term insurance. This product also offers clients with an upside potential of the variable investments option. One of the advantages of this package is that it is very flexible when it comes to paying death benefits, tax-deferred earnings and premium. The product also benefits growth potential for cash value, based on the performance of the client’s policy allocations and guides customers wanting to choose where to invest their premiums.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements

If you are thinking of purchasing Medicare Supplements and live in Wilmington, DE, then Teoli and Associates should be your first choice. This company’s package exists under the federal insurance program which settles health care costs for those who are 65 and above, and the disabled. Buying Medicare supplements will help subscribers settle out-of-pocket expenses which Medicare normally does not pay. Medicare Supplements also help fill the gaps in traditional Medicare coverage, and for this, it is rightly known as the Midgap Insurance. Clients considering this package must remember that Medicare supplement policies only cater for services that Medicare deems necessary and restrict payment to Medicare-approved charges.

About Our Website

About Our Website

About Our Website

The website’s main purpose is to disseminate information about the Teoli & Associates and the services it provides. The website also facilitates interactions between the firm and the public. The website has search words that are simple and relevant to the public. Web browsers can therefore easily click on the search words to get directed to additional specific information. Some of the search words in the website include “About”, “Medicare Supplements”, Life Insurance”, Annuities”, “Testimonials”, and “FAQ”. All the contacts and addresses are provided for on the website to maximize interaction with the public. The automated pictorial slides reinforce user-friendliness but also grace the website with appealing aesthetics. Each pictorial presentation has a specific theme attached to it.   

Fun Facts about Wilmington, DE

Wilmington is the United States’ most populous city. The city is in Delaware and was built on Fort Christina’s site. Fort Christina is North America’s first Swedish settlement. Wilmington is both at the confluence of Brandywine and Christina Rivers and the seat of New Castle County. The city has its name from Spencer Compton, the Prime Minister at the time of George II of Great Britain’s reign. Proprietor Thomas Penn is the one who named the city after his friend, Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington.  Famous people and leaders like President Woodrow Wilson, Pat Hingle and Andy Griffith were Wilmington residents.   

Things To Do In Wilmington, DE

There are several things one can do in Wilmington. One can visit historic sites such as Orton Plantation, Poplar Grove Plantations and Zabulon Latimer House, among others. The city also has several museums. Expo 216, Museum of the Bizarre, Cape Fear Museum, Wilmington Railroad Museum and the Golden Gallery are some of these museums. The city also has several centers of performing acts such as Thalian Center for the Performing Arts where people can attend ethnic and music festivals. Cycling, outdoor recreation, running events and sports are some of the common events that take place in the city, throughout the year.