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Life Insurance 101:

This video created by our partner details the basic benefits of life insurance. We provide the basic living needs of our families while also providing for future needs like college tuition and retirement savings. What would happen to your family’s financial future if you were to pass away without life insurance?  No one wants to think about their passing.  How would your family survive financially?

Life insurance covers monthly bills, outstanding debt, finances future needs, as well as funeral expenses.  Do you think like insurance is too expensive?  You would be surprised… With about 100 different solutions, Teoli and Associates can find the right life insurance product to meet your budget.  Did you know that term insurance for a 30-year-old could be as low as $12 per month?  That’s less than the cost of one day’s lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Not sure how much life insurance your need?  Recommended amounts equal between eight and ten times of your annual salary.  However, this is simply a guideline.  To get started, complete our life insurance planner today and contact Teoli and Associates at 302-521-1882.